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Plexiglas vacuum bells, exhibitors, containers and furnishings made with the most advanced techniques on the basis of drawings or samples to fully meet ML Ferrari is an Italian firm specialized in the manufacturing of plastics and in particular in the production of customers needs.

With its skilled workforce and cutting-edge technologies, ML Ferrari can fulfills from the largest to the smallest orders respecting the technical specifications and the agreed time.

ML Ferrari is able to apply its expertise on the production of various Plexiglas items but widens its range to other plastics such as polystyrene, polyethylene and polycarbonate.

A particular specialization of the company is the production of Plexiglas bells of various sizes and shapes for vacuum packaging in the food industry and for cereals mills.

The attention to environmental production, which characterizes the current management, led the company to invest in the creation of a modern photo-voltaic system, which supplies 50% of the energy used in production.

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Via Trescore 28/B - 26020 Palazzo Pignano (CR) ITALIA